Water Treatment Plant

We are distributing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water purification and water desalination system.

Almost all raw water sources: surface, ground, municipal, sea or others, require treatment before the water can be further used in any process application. Pre-treatment systems can include various types of pretreatment equipment to remove color, suspended solids, dissolved solids and other contaminants harmful for process. And today, more than ever, seawater is becoming a growing source of water supply as others are diminishing.

Apex Ecotech is involved in distributing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water purification and water desalination system. Our raw water treatment system and the innovative environment friendly technologies are used in producing clean water from polluted water. An ultrafiltration membrane, EDR (electrodialysis reversal), reverse osmosis system removes all virus and bacteria and salts without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

We supply the most advanced and best quality raw water treatment system, reverse osmosis water filtration systems, EDR and water desalination system to our clients. Our mission is to provide safer drinking water and to deliver quality and cost effective reverse osmosis systems that provide powerful solutions for all water treatment applications. Our team of professionals help industries & users in providing optimum, sustainable, cost effective, eco friendly, valued added solutions and we undertake comprehensive operation and maintenance for durable and consistent deliverance.

Water Treatment Categories

1. Raw Water Clarification System and Pre-treatment system


      - HRSCC (High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers)

      - Clarifier (Conventional)

      - Clarisettler

      - Tube Settler


2. Membrane Systems


       - Ultra Filtration Membrane System (UF)

       - Nanomembrane Filtration System (NF)

       - Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

       - Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR)


3. Media Filtration System


       - Sand Media Filtration System (MGF)

       - Dual Media Filtration System (DMF)

       - Activated Carbon Media Filtration System (ACF)

       - Iron Removal (Manganese based) Filtration System (IRF)

       - Auto Valveless Gravity Filter (AVGF)


4. Ion Exchange Resin Processes


       - Softening System

       - Demineralisation System

       - Colour Removal System

       - Heavy Metal Removal System

DM Plant
DM Plant
RO Plant
Auto DM Plant
Multiple Stage RO/NF Plant
Multiple Stage RO/NF Plant
Surface Water Pretreatment Plant
Surface Water Pretreatment Plant
DM Plant
DM Plant
NF Plant (Auto)
High Flow Media Filtration System


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